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AME Policies and Procedures


AME Operations Model
AME Flier 08-09
AME Brochure 08-09
AME Recruitment (PowerPoint)
AME Record Retention Policy

Education & Student Related Items

AME Facilities Access Requests
AME Isaac Access Request Form

Graduate Course Policies and Forms
AME Registration Policy
Course Cross-Listing Policy
Petition for Course Substitution_Concentration Students
Independent Study Contract

Digital Culture Forms
Computer Lab Policies and Procedures (pdf)
Equipment Use and Checkout Policy (pdf)
General Classroom Policies (pdf)
Storage Locker Policy (pdf)
Digital Culture Internship Application (pdf)
Digital Culture Internship Procedures (pdf)
ASU Internship Affiliation Agreement
Internship Compliance Statement (pdf)

Student Travel
AME Student Travel Procedures

Research Assistant Templates
RA Probation Template
RA Termination Template

Evaluation Documents
Student Evaluation Form

Volunteer Policies
AME Volunteer Policy
ASU Volunteer Registration Form

Media Arts and Sciences Documents
MAS Student Handbook 2013-2014
Five Year MAS Curriculum Checksheet
Petition for Course Substitution_MAS Students
Comprehensive Exam Petition
Comprehensive Exam Form
Proposal Defense Form

Concentration Documents
MM Concentration Checklist
DMA Concentration Checklist



Consulting, Commercialization, and Conflict of Interest
Definitions of Research Products
Procedures for Evaluating Impact Of Journals and Conference Proceedings
Guidelines for Determining User Base
Criteria for Determining Embeddedness
AME IP statement
Indicative Media Arts Publications (Excel)
Indicative Media Arts Publications (PDF)
AME Module Evaluation Guidelines


Managed by Cheryl Braciszewski
AME Statement on Diversity
Contract and Gift Policy
AME Promotion and Tenure Criteria
Herberger College Promotion and Tenure Criteria
AME Fingerprint Check Process
Notification of Consulting or Other Remunerative Arrangement Policy
Notification of Consulting or Other Remunerative Arrangement Form

Purchasing, Reimbursements and Travel

Managed by Jacob Boss
Purchasing and Reimbursements
Purchase Request Procedures
Purchase Request Form
Employee Reimbursement Procedures
Employee Reimbursement Form
Business Meals Policy and Procedures
Business Meals Form
Employee Moving Expenses Reimbursement Policy and Procedure
Travel Authorization and Claim Process Domestic Travel 7 Days or Less
Travel Authorization and Claim Process International Travel and Domestic Travel More Than 7 Days
Faculty Travel and Technology Purchase Funding Policy
Retaining Consultants and Independent Contractors
Participant and Subject Payment Procedures
Cash Handling and Petty Cash Policy and Procedures

Managed by Laura Hoffman
Front Office
Student Worker Training Manual
Student Worker Lunch and Break Policy
AME Visiting Guests: Maps for AME Buildings, Hotels, Travel Info

Tech Team

Property Control Policy and Procedures
Off-Campus Use of Equipment Policy and Procedures
Fabricated Equipment Policy and Procedures
AZ Form 5000 Transaction Privilege Tax Exemption Certificate
Certification Form for Tax Exempt Machinery and Equipment Purchased for Research and Development]

MSDN Subscription Site (For AME students, faculty, and staff)


Brickyard Tenant Service Request
ISAAC Access Request Form


Delegation to Use Form
Fax Cover Sheet
Tempe Hotels
ASU Model Release Form
AME Logo

Internal Documents

AME Internal Documents

AME Tech Panel wiki (information about labs and subversion)
AME blogs and wikis
AME Eval